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Japanese Import Specialist


We offer a personalised service for each individual so you can be assured you are in the right hands and receive our full attention throughout the process.

How it works?

We are your acting agent in Japan and act on your behalf.

All our vehicles are secured from Japanese auctions and experienced dealers that we have worked closely with. As a result of our large network in Japan this allows us to gather further information about vehicles and more detailed photos.

The price we quote at the start will never change and this is the price you will pay.

Buying the car

We take your requirements and pass them to our English speaking team in Japan and begin the search for your dream car. A small deposit of £500 is required to begin the process and this is refundable up to 14 days however it does not expire.

Once we have secured your perfect car then we will send you payment instructions and payment is required within 5 working days. You will be made aware of the total price at this stage with NO HIDDEN FEES.

Choose your service

A) Drive away service, collection and brought to our Surrey office, 12 months MOT, UK registration in your name and 6 months TAX. A full vehicle inspection and service is also available upon request

If you are selecting this service then please allow further time for the registration process carried out by DVLA.

B) Collection service, you are collecting and none of the above services required (This is an alternative service if you are working to a smaller budget)


We have one of the fastest importing services available and all our vehicles take approximately 8 weeks from time of purchase to landing in the UK (other countries will vary). Please allow for weather and other natural factors when shipping from Japan.

All the vehicles are fully insured and a tracking number will be provided so you can to track the vehicle during its journey.

Landing in UK

Once the vehicle is close to landing in the UK (other countries will vary) we will notify you and send you final payment instructions.


The day you have been waiting for!
At this stage you will have already notified us of which service you have chosen (drive away or collection) All vehicles land in Southampton but a different port can be used should you wish.

Vehicle Sales

If you have seen a car in our stock that you like then please get in touch via the contact us page.

If you wish to sell your JDM vehicle and wish to expose your car to a larger market through our showroom sales then please use the contact us page on how we can help.


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